ZIP Takes It All the Way… Again!

The Zionsville Indoor Percussion has kept last year’s legacy alive.


By Sam Shipe, Staff


The Zionsville Indoor Percussion team has once again become state champions. Tensions were high getting ready to perform as the goal was to keep their title from last year. Their main competition was Greenfield-Central who had been gradually moving up in the last three years and gave our Eagles a run for their money coming in a close second place. Each year the show is given a theme. This year, it was baseball. The Indoor Percussion team is composed of instrumental and visual performers. The visual performer’s job is to act out the show. This year that meant being baseball players. When it was announced that Zionsville was the state champion for the second year in a row many of the performers were emotional. Zoe Craft, a visual performer for the team, shared her experience.

“It took me so long to process the waves of emotions, and it really didn’t hit me until Monday when I saw everyone at school,” Craft, junior, said.

Their season isn’t over yet though they still have a few performances in Dayton, Ohio for the Winter Guard International World competition. They are one of the only groups from Indiana participating along with Greenfield-Central and several others. Last year Zionsville placed in the top ten which, makes them hopeful for this upcoming year.

“Our group has grown a lot in the last year, and every single person in the ensemble has the drive and the want to place in the top three,” Craft said.

Spirits are high after this victory, but now they have to focus and prepare for the next competition