Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


By Addie Ashton and Katie Anderson, Staff


Topic: Thumbs… (Up, Down, Both) Reason/Details
Recent Weather Conditions Down 30 degrees in April? What a bummer. I think we had warmer weather in January… you know, when it was actually winter.
After school Sushi Snack Up A definite thumbs up for all the sushi lovers in the school. (Not so great when you can smell fish through the entire freshman center, but no biggie.)
Starting of Spring Sports Up Spring Sports are great! Not only are athletics a huge part of our school, but spring sports (supposedly) mark the beginning of the warmer weather season!
Beginning of 4th Quarter Down I think we’re all feeling a little sluggish after almost another full year of school. It’s also at this time that the curriculum tends to hit its maximum difficulty, which can come as somewhat of a slap in the face after #sprangbreak.
Snapchat Filters Both Who doesn’t want to play with Snapchat filters? Super fun… until you see yet another girl posting a picture with the dog filter on it. Then it’s not so fun.
Graduation Parties Both As the season for grad parties rolls around, you’re probably one of two people, the first being the one throwing the party. This, although seemingly a fun thing to do, can easily turn into something full of stress and uncomfortable situations with way-too-touchy aunts. The second kind of person, who attends the grad parties, is definitely much less stressful and easier to be. Who doesn’t want to hang out and eat some delicious free food?