Talk2Us: Dating a Second Semester Senior

Marissa Stacy and Claire Austin take anonymous questions and answer them here.

By Marissa Stacy and Claire Austin, Managing Editor and Staff

Q: Is it worth it to start dating a second semester senior this late in the year?


A: There are pros and cons to dating a second semester senior this late in the year. We would like to point out the pros.


The first real deciding factor is if you like him or her, and we mean actually like them. If you do, then why not go for it, because you never know what can come from it. If the feelings are there, then it would be silly not to be in the relationship. You will also want to make sure how the other person is feeling. If they are not as into you as you are into them, then it really would not be worth your time. As long as you know the feelings are mutual then go for it. You have nothing to lose.


The biggest pro is Prom. If you are an underclassmen this could be your way in. You would be able to go to prom as an underclassmen and that would make you pretty cool. Even if you are an underclassmen, dating a senior opens up your opportunity of going to Prom. Either way, this is a win, because you will have a way into prom or even just a date.


Do not be worried about the time, there are still three months left before seniors start leaving for college. In these four months, a lot can happen. It will really show you who they are, and it will help you see if you actually like them. Four months may not sound like a long time, but you can both really make the most of it and enjoy the relationship.


A long distance relationship is always an option, especially if they are going to school somewhere near Zionsville. There would be many chances to see each other on the weekends and breaks. Do not let this fear of them leaving stop you from something that could be really great.


Of course, with all the positives, there are always down sides. Be prepared to part your separate ways when the day comes that he/she has to go. However, people have survived a relationship with one person in high school and the other in college, just make sure it is a genuine and strong relationship worth fighting for. At the end of the day, we say go for it! Get to know the person, and if the opportunity presents itself then choose if you really want to date.