High Fashion Meets High Privilege

In the fashion industry in 2016, it’s hard distinguishing which mainstream models worked for their success, and which bought it.


Getty Images

By Lindsey Mills, Staff

Some of today’s most popular runway models are in fact living the dream. They have a plethora of social media fans, jet between New York and Paris, and live basically the lushest lifestyle imaginable. But do you ever wonder if some are more deserving than others? As it is known, teens these days, whether verbally or online have formed very strong opinions on a range of topics, this one included.

The first point of view being, high fashion models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid do not deserve their success and praise they’ve received by young girls and critics. This opinion isn’t necessarily meant to be vicious and cruel to these models but in support of the ones that went from rags to riches. Both young models, Jenner, and Hadid are very privileged. Both are reality TV stars and have had a large following before modeling. Hadid’s mother was featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she often mentioned her daughter’s rising career, and Gigi was even sometimes on the show. Yes, she is beautiful and she has great spreads, but fashion critics often tear her down for her below average runway walk. Jenner, 20, the stepdaughter of Rob Kardashian and daughter of Olympic medalist Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner, comes from one of America’s most famous families, where every member has made a name for themselves. Jenner recently walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and it recently got out that her mother, managing all of the girls in the family, is very good at pulling strings and playing her cards right. Due to her connections from her mother, Jenner was not even required to audition to walk for the show. This enrages the fashion savvy community, while others don’t blame the two models for using their connections.

The other point of view is easy to grasp and sympathize with. It’s no secret that it’s hard to make it in the fashion industry. If models don’t start young, they begin to feel pressure, as typically most models are done by around age 35. There are young models looking to chase their dreams from all over the world, who travel to New York to visit modeling agencies and auditions, hoping to land their big break. Often times these models are young and poor, living as simply as they can until they reach that goal that they’re striving for. These models bust their butts to make sure they’re getting to auditions, scheduling meetings, working out regularly, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all without a millionaire manager of a mother to help them.

It’s clear that these are two very different kinds of models with two very different ways of reaching success, all leading to the question of- is this a big deal or an issue that should be talked about? Some don’t think so, while others fear what’s ahead for the fashion industry.