A new kind of game has made its way to Indianapolis for small groups of people and its name is Breakout.


By Marillyn Heigl, Staff

For anyone who has ever wanted to see if they would be able to survive a stressful situation requiring an escape, Breakout Indianapolis would be perfect.

According to Breakout Indianapolis’ website, their escape games are real-life escape room adventures for small groups where it’s necessary to work together. To get out, participants will solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items and more in order to escape the room in under an hour. In case players get stuck and cannot solve the next task with the instructions given, they are allowed three clues from a worker outside of the room.

The idea of Breakout originated in Japan, based off of the video game, also named Breakout, with a similar concept created by Toshimitsu Takagi in 2005. The rooms have been increasing in popularity and appeal lately.

“I liked it because being kidnapped is one of my worst fears but I got to play it out with people I trusted. Other people should go to test their intelligence. There are always clues on top of clues, but you just need to think of a strategic way to use them all,” Anna Kelley, sophomore, said.

To participate, there needs to be a minimum of two players and there is a maximum of seven to eight people per group, depending on the game. There is not an age limit, however, players who are under 14 years old are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For players under 18 that go without either a parent or guardian, they are required to fill out a waiver that can be found on Breakout Indianapolis’ website. Groups must make reservations with Breakout Indianapolis before playing.

Breakout Indianapolis offers four different rooms to play. The Kidnapping room has players wake up handcuffed in a strange room and the goal is to solve the clues the previous victim left and escape before the kidnapper returns. The Museum Heist has the participants recovering stolen masterpieces and escaping a room to return the centerpieces of an art exhibit before the prestigious art gallery’s opening.

Casino Royale has players escaping a room and investigating the disappearance of an agent of MI6 during their investigation of an organized crime at Casino Royale. Finally, Island Escape has players attempting to escape a tropical island that has an erupting volcano before the lava reaches the shore by searching the island for the keys to a nearby boat.


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