Holiday Horror Stories

As the holiday season rolls around, so do stories of food projects gone wrong, and strange family members.


By Addie Ashton , Staff

As the holiday season comes and goes, many people have had times where things did not go exactly as planned. During holiday gatherings, food seems to be vital in bringing everyone together. Traditions are based around certain dishes served, and endless trading of recipes between relatives. However, these delicious traditions often do not turn out the way they were supposed to. Christmas decorations and pets can cause unforeseen complications; crazy family members make family gatherings much more interesting. These ZCHS students are here to tell all about their holiday horror tales.

When Christmas arrives, many people are excited to spend time with their family, celebrate their beliefs, and open presents. Cora Handy, freshman, was ready for celebrating, but a pet mishap made things a little sticky.

“It was super early in the morning on Christmas day, and we woke my parents up to go open presents. They were pretty grumpy and tired, but they got up anyway. We started to open presents, but then my cat walked up and peed on the tree and the presents. It was pretty bad… we made Theta [their pet cat] stay in the garage for the rest of the day,” Handy said.

Thanksgiving is a time to show appreciation for family as well as everything around you, but for Julie McMichen, sophomore, she had to show appreciation in ways she did not think she would need to.

“During Thanksgiving, my mom was working really hard on a cheesecake and she was bringing it over to the table. She dropped it. Like, the entire cheesecake was on the ground. We wanted to make her feel better because she spent a lot of time on it and was upset that it was ruined, so my entire family ate ground cheesecake for dessert. It was cheesecake, why would you waste it?” McMichen said.

Although Madeline Quinn, sophomore, and her family did not drop any food, a mystery ingredient in a traditional holiday treat sent things south during the Christmas season.

“Once my grandma was making cookies on Christmas. She was really determined to make the perfect cookie, but she wasn’t wearing her glasses. She added a cup of cooked beans instead of the chocolate chips and cooked them and everything. We all ate them and were disgusted, but my grandma loved them so now she makes them like that. Afterwards, we picked on her about her eyesight, though,” Quinn said.

Many people enjoy decorating for Christmas, whether that be stringing lights on the front porch or putting up a Christmas tree. Haley Ashton, junior, and her family do not put up a real Christmas tree due to a decorating mishap when she was younger.

“Every time my family has had a real Christmas tree, it has fallen. When I was 7, the tree fell on me. It was pretty terrifying. Now I have a fear of real Christmas trees,” Ashton said.

Family gatherings do not necessarily have to be on a specific holiday. For Kendall Clouse, senior, and her family, regular gatherings provide constant, crazy stories.

“For every holiday in my family, we gather at my grandparent’s house. This Thanksgiving, my grandmother told us about her friend who supposedly had a book delivered from Amazon by drone. The running joke in my family is that my grandmother is old and senile, so everyone freaked out and decided to prove that Amazon drones weren’t being used yet for deliveries. To do this, my aunts decided to order the same books that my grandmother’s friend had delivered to ‘make sure the drone could carry the package’. The delivery time for a drone and by truck were both 45 minutes, so we decided to wait by the door with binoculars and cameras, waiting for the items’ arrival. Someone even tracked the package’s route, and the tracker said ‘Darnyll’ would be delivering it. Long story short, there was no drone, a 6’8 man named Darnyll delivered the package, and we invited him in to have some turkey with us,” Clouse said.